Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh Survival Guide


Going around in Ho Chi Minh can be super cheap. While the taxi fare is already cheap, the public bus is even cheaper.

To get from Ho Chi Minh. Cost only 6,000 VND. With an additional bag its just an additional 6,000 VND. Its a very comfortable air conditioned bus that will be about 150,000 to 200,000 VND (25 times cheaper then catching a taxi instead!!

City to airport you can get help from  U can board the bus Pham Ngu Lao Street which is very near Ben Thanh market.

Airport to the city at Ben Thanh market you can get the full clear direction from This site comes with a clear pictorial description of how to get the bus at the airport which most tourists are not aware of.


The supply is simply too much. So competition is steep.

For a very comfortable 3-Star and yet luxurious stay i use Blue Diamond Hotel. But for booking you should just use Agoda. The breakfast was generous.

Right opposite Blue Diamond is The White Hotel. This boutique hotel is good if you have a big family that needs space. For about 40% of what you would need to pay Blue Diamond you can stay in the family suite in The White. Super big room. But the breakfast is very substandard. Only 4 varieties. Well, naturally. You only pay so much cheaper, you can’t expect to get the same as in Blue Diamond. But if u don’t mind the breakfast, this is a great choice.


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